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Jan 13, 2016. ZetaTalk is an apocalyptic alien-contactee cult started in the. Their home planet is Nibiru, also known as Marduk or Planet X, which is a brown. Dec 19, 2012. Frank talk about rogue planets and unparalleled human 380/the-end-planet-x-2012-zeta-talk Planet X /a. She claims that in 1996 the Zetas told her the binary star is 18.74 Sun-Pluto lengths from our Sun. That would be 68.8 billion miles. The Caltech researchers say this ninth planet would be somewhere between 20 billion and 100 billion miles from the Sun. The creator of Planet X and Nibiru conspiracy theories thinks the reports of a new planet are just a distraction. Researchers at Caltech discovered evidence of a new planet in our solar system that many scientists are referring to as Planet X. May 15, 2011. Zeta Talk, Planet X, The Pole Shift Rocky Horror Show (Updated May 15, 2011) You were right. Update May 15, 2011: The following e-mail.

The planets name, Nibiru, was drawn from author Zecharia Sitchins book The 12th Planet, about a race of ancient aliens who visited Earth and created. Homo sapiens to enslave them. Lieder applied a doomsday filter to Sitchins teachings and announced that Nibiru was destined to collide with Earth.

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The informal poll shows that 20 out of 30 members think Planet X is close and will only become more visible over time. For the rest of us, who dont understand why we cant see this nearby planet, these believers will direct us to the recent flood of videos that show a mysterious sphere floating in the sky next to the.
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