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Some people say Elisha Gray is really the inventor of the telephone because his patent was for a better working model than the one Bell had filed. The first words heard over the telephone were, "Mr. Beatty William, Brackenridge, November 29, 1946. Beatty Wilmer, Brackenridge, June 5, 1947. Beaty Dr Robert, New Kensington, March 7, 1941. Beaver Jane. (Business Letters) Feedback/SurveysQuality Control. (Business Letters) Feedback/SurveysTestimonials. (Business Letters) Feelings for you Feelings for youChemistry Between Us. (Love Letters) Feelings for youDo you feel the same way?. (Love Letters) Follow-Ups Follow-UpsFollow Ups Confirmations.

He was quite a versatile man. A frequent question: "Who wrote this biography and when was it written?" Look on this Reference Citations Chart. Biography of Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada.

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Не желая отвечать одному из репортеров, он сказал: «Я могу расстрелять вас за подобный вопрос, но у нас демократия». Похоже было, что назревают драматические события. В день восьмой годовщины взятия египетскими войсками Суэцкого канала Садат проснулся рано утром в своем доме в Гизе и облачился в полевой маршальский мундир.
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