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The Earned Value calculations are studied and memorized by all project managers. SPI measures progress achieved against progress planned. It is most common to report Earned Value monthly, but this could be more. I get lots of other email too, and can miss a reader's typo report if I'm not careful. About a year ago, I realized that I just couldn't keep up with all the traffic and started thinking about alternatives. How primitive, they don't see Luminous Bodies of Humans! They have no other conclusions, because this is all they've been taught at med-schools and unis. Our Higher Selves create more and more unusual cases, which leave these so called 'scientists' puzzled.

( Ira David Sternberg ) A restaurant keeping kosher is insanely expensive. It is a very tough way to go. ( Bill Handel, KFI) Hear Ache. Chuck Southcott donated the KMPC Marconi award to Thousand Oaks Library as part of its radio history museum which will, at last, soon also feature all the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters memorabilia. In.

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That would be so cool to go back and make a totally classic horror movie. Don't jazz it all up like Van Helsing (2004 but make something really classic. I think people would go for it.
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