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Clinton. It corrected the lead sentence accordingly. The speed with which the Times conceded that it could not defend its lead citing Mrs. Clinton as the referrals target raises questions about what inspired its confidence in the first place to frame the story that way. Of course, the identity of the Times sources would be deserving of far less scrutiny if the underlying information had been confirmed as true. However, the Times appears to have performed little, if any, work to corroborate the accuracy of its sources characterizations of the IGs referral. To review the facts, as the Times itself has acknowledged through multiple corrections, the papers reporting was false in several key respects: first, contrary to what the Times stated, Mrs. Clinton is not the target of a criminal referral made by the State Departments and Intelligence Communitys Inspectors General, and second, the referral in question was not. Program assistant cover letter sample This post is a cover letter sample for Program assistant and other useful information such as: cover letter tips, cover letter. Instead, they relied on unnamed sources that characterized the referral as such. However, it is not at all clear that those sources had directly seen the referral, either. This should have represented too many degrees of separation for any newspaper to consider it reliable sourcing, least of all The New York Times.

This was, to put it mildly, an egregious breach of the process that should occur when a major newspaper like the Times is pursuing a story of this magnitude. Not only did the Times fail to engage in a proper discussion with the campaign ahead of publication; given the exceedingly short window of time between when the.

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From here on out you will be writing 3-4 paragraphs, each with 1 line of space between. Introduction Paragraph In this paragraph you are telling the hiring manager why you are writing in a few sentences.
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