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You can also not use the full date, just include what year it was. So if you stopped work at your last job in say Feb 2013, and it's now Feb 2014, just put that you finished your last job in 2013. In Australia I believe it is illegal for an employer to ask how old you are before they offer you the job. So if you don't tell them (this includes year of graduation from school they can't work out if there are gaps. Using your travel experience to showcase a life experience beyond the college classroom or entry-level position can make you a memorable candidate.

This skill also shows how you are willing to seek out tools and resources that will benefit yourself (and ultimately, the company you work for) in the long run. These are just a few ways to add travel to your resume.

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People who were fired, lost their house/accommodation, and had to move back in with their parents for several months or more need to be creative. There is nothing saying you have to put dates on your resume at all.
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