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At some point, the students are presented the case study project. Often, this would be early in the term. This will include any specific requirements for the assignment such as length, specific questions that must be addressed, participant versus non-participant studies, etc. In some cases, the instructor may be able to utilize a completely fabricated case to study. However, these should be carefully tested with a colleague prior to student exposure. If an entirely hypothetical situation is utilized for which the students must provide an analysis, see the OTAI activity called hypothetical situations. Prerequisites: Students will need access to the case to be studied. They will also need any prior knowledge needed to synthesize case items. Materials and Resources: The instructor will provide any necessary details of the case(s) and the assignment description. (2006). Case-based teaching. Blacksburg, VI: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Retrieved January 8, 2007, from ml Elksnin, L. K. (1998). Use of the case method of instruction in special education teacher preparation programs: A preliminary investigation. B. Case-Based Instruction The instructor presents a given case to the students. The instructor guides students to focus on important aspects of the case, recall relative cases already discussed in the class or wider media, and reach conclusions that address learning objectives.

Case-Based Instruction can take place in a single session to one week of asynchronous instruction. Ideas for Lesson Evaluation and Teacher Reflection: How did the students like the lesson? End of semester evaluations should ask about the usefulness and learning accomplished through such activities.

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Teacher Education and Special Education, 21 (2 pp. 95-108. Ertmer, P. A., Newby, T. J., MacDougall, M. (1996). Students' responses and approaches to case-based instruction : The role of reflective self-regulation.
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