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Immediately explain why your background makes you the best candidate for the position you are applying for. Keep the first paragraph short and hard-hitting. Paragraph 2. Detail what you could do to contribute to this company, organization or school system. The Best Online Classic Children's Books By Title 473 Books in All Genres. Do You Have the Drang to Learn German? In German, Drang expresses an urge, like an itch you have to scratch. Are you itching to learn German? 674 Felipe 673 Trabalhadores 668 Fora 667 Nunes 667 INSS 667 IBM 666 Shakespeare 666 PFL-PE 666 Espнrito 664 Igreja 663 Boris 662 Nigйria 661 Torres 661 Club 658 Pires 657 Academia 656 Sergipe 653 Frankfurt 651 PSB 651 Leste 651 Egito 650 Paulinho 649 Indъstrias 648 Letras 648 Dieese 648 Comando 647 Osiris 647 Enйas 647.

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