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(5)Not all dogs should be condemned A very large number of small but successful businesses are 'dogs', and according to the BCG concept are ripe for reinvestment or liquidation. However, this would not always be the case. The company must decide whether to do nothing (but cash continues to be absorbed) or market more intensively (requiring substantial investment) or get out of this market double or quit. The questions are whether this product can compete successfully with adequate support and what that support will cost. Yours faithfully, Suzan Parent.

Employee involvement. Employee participation in any near-miss program is vital, Ruebesam said. Its employees themselves who witness these things, he added. Workers should be trained on how to properly identify and recognize potential hazards.

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A. Einstein, P. Langevin, Ch. E. Guye, C.T.R. Wilson, O.W. Richardson. Langmuir's Movie (intermissions at the 1927 Solvay conference) RealPlayer Flash Google FreeScienceLectures Voice-over by Nancy Thorndike Greenspan ( biographer of Max Born) 21 attendees (out of 29) are seen. In order of appearance : Erwin Schrödinger, Niels Bohr, Auguste Piccard, Werner Heisenberg, Paul Ehrenfest, Peter Debye, Wolfgang Pauli, Lon Brillouin, Hendrik Kramers, Paul Dirac, Max Born, Louis de Broglie, Irving Langmuir, Marie Curie, William Lawrence Bragg, Arthur Holly Compton, Owen Richardson, H.A. Lorentz,
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