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Are there problems inherent in the individual-nation relationship? Many, because one may be tempted to break the moral code for the benefit of his country just as one can be led astray in his familys self-interest. King and his supporters would have chosen only to show what they believed when they had the spotlight on them, and not give in at any point to what the normal status quo was, we would not be where we are today. The result of this unfortunate development has been an irrepressible conflict with the Catholic religion. What, exactly, is a nation? This itself is a difficult question, and one that has been complicated by the revolutionary ideology of the past two centuries. King changed everything. He altered not only Americans and their opinion of the segregation war, but he also shocked people around the world by showing what one dedicated man could do in the face of extreme adversity. Their operation in tandem has created the confusion that permitted the growth of Americanism and its entrance into the life of the Church. A clear grasp of the first of these formative influences necessitates a brief review of the nature of the British soul.

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Each of these enriches him as a person in varying degrees by elaborating psychological needs and incarnating moral duties in specific emphatic ways. Each pinpoints the True, the Good and the Beautiful for him from different perspectives.

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Introduction Americanism is a term that appears to express nothing more than a devotion to America. In reality, however, it teaches principles and a way of life that pose, and always have posed, a threat to the Church of Rome.
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