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Some people say Elisha Gray is really the inventor of the telephone because his patent was for a better working model than the one Bell had filed. The first words heard over the telephone were, "Mr. Watson - Come here- I want to see you." Then they switched places and Mr. Watson said, "Mr. Bell, do you understand what I say?" His fiancee, Mabel insisted he show his new telephone at the Centennial celebration in Philadelphia. There is a 15 minute video presentation that depicts the accomplishments of this great man. The painting shown above illustrates Alexander Graham Bell working with his assistant, Mr. Watson on the invention of the telephone.

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Hayes was quot;d as saying, "That's an amazing invention, but who would ever want to use one of them?" Later on he had one installed and called it "the greatest invention since the creation".

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Bell sued, and over the next twenty years was able to meet all challenges to his patent. Bell and Watson took the show on the road, and people became interested in the telephone.
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