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Levi carried on other business pursuits during his career, as well. He became a charter member and treasurer of the San Francisco Board of Trade in 1877. He was a director of the Nevada Bank, the Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Company and the San Francisco Gas and Electric Company. As you go further back in time, our jeans become much harder to spot because they dont have a red Tab, belt loops, or other identifying marks. Take a look at the history of the 501 jean to learn how they have evolved over the decades. He established a wholesale dry goods business under his own name and served as the West Coast representative of the familys New York firm. Levi eventually renamed his company Levi Strauss Co. Davis wanted to patent this new idea, but needed a business partner to get the idea off the ground. Levi was enthusiastic about the idea. The patent was granted to Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss Company on May 20, 1873; and blue jeans were born.

Two years after his father succumbed to tuberculosis in 1846, Levi and his sisters emigrated to New York, where they were met by his two older brothers who owned a NYC-based wholesale dry goods business called J.

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Within a very short time, the jean was a bona fide success. (Although, we should note that they were called waist overalls or overalls until 1960, when baby boomers adopted the name jeans.) We consider May 20, 1873 the birthday of blue jeans, because although denim pants had been around as workwear for many years, it was.
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