Withdraw 'Somalia statement' if you have decency: Kerala CM

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So when he was asked to stay away from the event after being invited to preside over it first, it hurt him deeply, Chandy said. He said although he was sad about the whole thing, he exercised utmost restraint while the prime minister was in Kerala as he did not want the PM's programmes to suffer in. "Although I am extremely sad, the grief isn't personal. To keep the CM out of such a function is an insult to the state the chief minister said. Asked about Home Minister Rajnath Singh's statement in Parliament that the chief minister's office had sent a letter saying he was giving the function a miss, Chandy replied that. "If you go by the elimination process, the suspicion leads you there (to the BJP he told 'The Week according to a release issued by the news magazine. "Vellapally Natesan (SNDP leader) called me up and told me that it was difficult for him to let me attend the function as he was under tremendous pressure.

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Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has said that keeping him out of a function to unveil a statute of a late chief minister R Sankar by Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday was an "insult" to the state and suspected that BJP was behind it.
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