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But, in fact, he was angry with Cooper for having publicly identified him with the movement of 'anti-psychiatry' - a term coined by Cooper, (Adrian refers to this as the height of the 'Guru Wars and just at the point where it was expected that Ronnie would write the definitive politics of mental health, he, in fact. Home Biography Member Login Bibliography Books Essays. Bios/Critiques Recordings quot;tions Colloquia In Person Art Literature. Psychotherapy Philosophy Religion Peace Conflict Shamanism Rebirth. Politics of Diagnosis Therapeutic Communities SLS Annual Submit a Paper. During this period he completes his first book The Divided Self An Existential Study of Madness and Sanity (completed at the end of 1957 and published in1960) which represents the culmination of his thinking over the previous 6 years, is based on the clinical studies he canied out in the army and subsequently in Glasgow, and focuses. After completing secondary school, Laing attends Glasgow University (1945-51) studying medicine - ostensibly because it gives him access to the issues of birth and death - but simultaneously continues his philosophical education acquainting himself with the main contemporary thinkers, particularly in the continental tradition of phenomenology and existentialism.

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Here he conducts his first bit of research (known as the 'Rumpus Room into what he was later to call 'social phenomenology' which provides some evidence for the hard fought lessons (re: the importance of interpersonal relations in the 'treatment' of 'chronic schizophrenia learned in the army.
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