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Make contact with the ball with area between the eyebrows and hairline with mouth closed, eyes open and chin up. Heading is a skill to be introduced slowly and is almost never practiced by players under the age of nine. While lofting the ball by hand can be done, it does not provide a realistic practice like the lofted pass. There is a limit to the number of repetitions that can be asked of a player, especially at an age before the mastery of the technique is not complete. Clashing of heads among players sometimes occurs when practicing the skill. Coaches are wise to be aware of overexposing their players to potential injury. When practicing heading with young players, the following precautions should be used: Use a slightly deflated or rubber ball. Plant support foot alongside the ball. Contact the ball with the inside of the foot, below the balls equator. Follow through is low Conclusion This is the final look at technical training in this series. Begin by having the player toss it to themselves by hand. Be sure that early heading practice does not involve challenging an opponent for the ball. The key elements of heading include: Judging the line and flight of the ball.

None of her singles during the '80s for Polydor, Larc, Private I or Palass were anything other than very slight hits, though "Bet'cha Gonna Need My Lovin and "Heart Don't Lie" each were R B Top 30.

The citation entries should be listed in alphabetical order by the authors' last names. If there are multiple authors, the proper format is as follows: Enos, Richard Leo, and John M.

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The works-cited page is. NOT a bibliography, listing all of the texts you may have researched in preparing the paper. Note that this page should have a header as well. And again, the page should be double spaced, including the citations.
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