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War or civil strife was a major factor in all eight. Advertisements. Malnourished children who survive childhood thus face diminished futures as adults with compromised abilities, productivity and health. This loss of human potential is all the more tragic in societies with little economic capacity for therapeutic and rehabilitative measures, and has the unfortunate effect 01 worsening their economic plights. Of these millions, relatively few are the victims of Famines. Far more die unnoticed, killed by the effects of chronic hunger and malnutrition, a covert famine that stunts their development, saps their strength and cripples their immune systems.

Today, in much of Asia, Africa and Latin America the food problem looms large. The prospect of world famine is held before us with hundreds of millions of people starving. The world food crisis is caused primarily because of unequal distribution.

Food crisis essay papers
By one reckoning the worldwide loss of social productivity associated with four overlapping types of malnutrition nutritional stunting and wasting iodine deficiency disorders and deficiencies of iron and vitamin A amounted to almost 46 million years of productive, disability-free life.
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