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And in 2001, the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty came up with the concept of responsibility to protect (RTP)the idea that the international community has a responsibility to protect civilians when their own states fail to do so. Philosophical Perspectives on the War on Terrorism, assembled and edited by Gail M. Presbey, a collection of twenty original essays written by members of. Since his appointment as secretary-general in January 2007, Ban Ki-moon has said that he will spare no effort to operationalize the responsibility to protect. He has appointed special advisors on genocide prevention and responsibility to protect and established a 2 million Responsibility to Protect Fund supported by Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Austra.

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This emerging norm, it can be argued, was an expression of global civil society, the outcome of a global political debate on intervention that included humanitarian and human rights NGOs; individuals such as Bernard Kouchner, who co-founded Mdecins sans Frontires; various think tanks and commissions, such as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the International Crisis.

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Several reports were published in 20 that strengthened the case for humanitarian intervention. The Independent International Commission on Kosovo concluded in 2000 that the NATO intervention in Yugoslavia aimed at preventing the ethnic cleansing of Albanians was illegal but legitimate and that there was a need to take measures to close the gap between legality and legitimacy.
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