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By the 20th century, many associations had organized various invented sports and enabling them to become professions that spectators would watch at a fee for leisure. Equally, education is one of the modern aspects of the 19th and 20th century which specifically played a role of increasing the literacy level of people. It ensured that peoples social esteem and individual likings changed a great deal as they became urbanized (Carrington, 2008, p.52). With literacy, the living standards of people improved enabling them to earn enough to spend on leisure activities. Equally, people began to understand that sport and various leisure activities were necessary for healthy living. The development of infrastructure is another aspect of modernity that contributed highly to sports. Gems, Borish, Pfister (2008, p.4) note that with the improvement of roads, sport competitions became popular in different regions of the world as teams would travel to.

Many people who had access to television watched various programs as a way of relaxing. Television could also air sporting activities and thus individuals could watch the game without necessarily having to go to the sites of the event.

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There were also good structural grounds where events could be held. Moreover, departmental stores and supermarkets sprung up as the needs of people rose. Shopping became leisure and continually developed as peoples need grew.
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