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Members of a team have roles that they are naturally suited to, according to team specialist Dr. Meredith Belbin. For example, some people are best at focusing. According to Belbin s (1981, 1993) team role theories, high team performance is associated with teams which are balanced in terms of the team roles. Free team conflict papers, essays, and research papers. at the Administrative. Staff College, Henley, in the UK, Belbin identified nine team types: Co-ordinator. Lacks drive and ability to inspire others. May appear dry and boring or even over-critical. Those in high level appointments are often monitor evaluators. Specialist (1988) (Added by Belbin in 1988). Although there are tests to analyze your ideal team roles, this does not mean you can not or should not assume other roles. In larger projects, the team activities are likely to be grouped into Team Processes.

There may be more than one plant needed to bring ideas and perspectives into a team. Compare: Six Thinking Hats. The model does not take into account hierarchal relations between people.

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Applications Ensuring that each needed role in a team or project is actually performed by somebody. Clustering certain activities in one team member in a logical way. If the team members are allowed to perform the activities they like most, they will be more motivated which will normally increase the team performance Well balanced teams are less.
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