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Our first objective is to bring positive environmental change to a planetary eco-system that is on the verge of collapse. Our second objective is to offer environmentally conscious companies and organizations an opportunity to align to a higher set of planetary stewardship standards and ideals through sponsorship opportunities with our  brand of earth friendly websites. M Above images courtesy of CobaltNiche. m. In addition, there is an extensive program of daily and weekly inspections to promptly address issues that may arise. Kinross technicians sample surface and groundwater quarterly, and manage a storm water pollution protection plan below the tailings dam. Bluebag identified three separate markets for the cup: coffee drinkers, resellers and organisations (who could purchase the cups for their clients, members or staff part of the challenge for Southsouthwest was to target and connect with all three distinctly different markets in a single website.

CobaltNiche undertook extensive research into the espresso coffee industry, identifying the key need to address the frantic pace of baristas during the busy periods at cafs in the design of the cup.

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According to Bluebag, if everybody who owns a KeepCup uses it regularly, the environmental benefits would be: reducing the use of disposable cups by 100 million (that's 1,500 tonnes of disposable cups) saving 17,000 trees from being turned into paper cups keeping 307 tonnes of plastic lids from landfill.
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