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These credit checks are known as inquiries. Your version of your credit report will show inquiries from everyone who's pulled your credit report, including businesses who look at your report for promotional purposes. Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score. They are counting on public fear and inaction. Here is a good list of agencies to call or write. Have Questions About Credit Repair? Get Answers with a FREE Consultation. Only bankruptcy and foreclosure are worse. For more information on profit and loss charge-offs, read this. Who makes sure that agencies and creditors follow the law? The Federal Trade Commission is responsible for enforcing federal credit laws.

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If a lender cites "excessive inquiries" as a reason for turning you down, this is what has happened. The lender has guidelines for how many inquiries and in what period of time is too many.

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Also, see our information on how to remove inquiries from your credit report. Can you provide any information on profit and loss charge-offs? Profit and loss charge-offs are used most often by credit card companies.
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