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Pollard says she always prepares a detailed security plan that draws on commitments from all those involved editors, a security consultant, her partner and herself. Holden confirms this as pro-forma for Fairfax correspondents. All Foley (pictured right) and Sotloff (below) are among 96 journalists killed in the world in 2014. Last year, 113 died, mostly nationals who died covering conflicts in their own country. But at least nine of those who died were freelancers, some of whom were covering foreign conflicts for western media. While the safety of correspondents operating in strife-torn regions remains a priority, Australian media groups are also better coming to grips with the mental toll that can be born by their reporters. Polling suggests some answers. The post Why progressives are winning on same-sex marriage  appeared. Read more on the blog. 05.16 / John Key will be holding his post-Cabinet news conference from Parliament from 3:30pm 05.16 / 03:43 The Greens are getting much, much smarter politically and this is unequivocally bad for Bill 05.16 / 03:42 Artists.

Together with Beltin, the companies count as clients all the major media groups in Australia. Some correspondents, such as the ABCs Daniel, willingly repeat the dose of reality. She has done the hostile environments training multiple times over the last 10 years and says it is good practice to refresh learning.

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Some have quit the profession as a consequence; others have come unstuck when they have least expected it. Kimina Lyall, a former South-East Asia correspondent for. The Australian, felt deeply traumatised after reporting on the 2004 tsunami; Phil Williams, of the ABC, paid a heavy emotional price in the wake of the Beslan school massacre of the.
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