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Auriga SERVICES MODELS EXPERTISE SUCCESS STORIES WHY US. COMPANY. RESULTS Financial models were used as a foundation for new model of annual business planning in holding companies. Such process helped align key goals and general direction of the holding. SBS got a task of developing such instruments. SOLUTION Over 6 months, SBS performed analysis of the production process of holding companies and segmented three groups of companies. Detailed economic modelswere built for each group of companies, consisting of key financial parameters, current and planned equipment utilization levels, and investment payback for main projects over the 8-year. CLIENT One of the largest heavy engineering holdings in Russia. BACKGROUND Holding companies did not have universal standardized mechanisms of long-term strategic planning that would allow setting of general business direction and goals.

May 16, 2016. To celebrate her 50th birthday, we take a look at this incredible icon s many accomplishments.

About a year ago, Donald Trump made a statement to the media and to the other GOP candidates: None of them belong on the same stage with him. That same portent applies to the either Democrat nominee.

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Also during the late 60s, he established a long-term affiliation with pre-eminent art dealer Leo Castelli, who supported his ambition to produce work on a monumental scale. In an effort to realize some of his larger projects, in 1967 Oldenburg participated in an "art and technology" program run by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art that.
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