The Professor Is In: Why Letterhead Matters Vitae

Writing the Dreaded Cover Letter Psychology Today

Its your ad; it doesnt have to be comprehensive. If you feel the need to write down everything youve done in your entire career, youre not thinking about the buyer, who just needs to know whats relevant. Get to the point. Many cover letters open with a sentence explaining how the position came to the applicant's attention. Such openings can seem formulaic, but they often convey important information. Contact the search chair only with legitimate questions. Searches often get delayed. In our case, various complications kept the hiring committee from meeting for more than three weeks. During that time, I received a couple curt e-mails from candidates who pointed out our tardiness and asked where their application stood. Don't give up too easily. If you don't get a job right away, all you can do is keep trying. But how do you know whether you are on the right track?

Most applicants had LinkedIn pages of varying detail. A few profiles caught my attention because they seemed to present a different person than the one we saw in the application materials.

Can a cover letter be two pages
It is an awkward phone call when the reference doesn't know the applicant's intentions. Don't let your rsum do the talking. Several applicants included a sentence in their cover letters that went something like this: "As you can see by my rsum, I am especially qualified for this position." That was it.
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