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Weil's Vitamin Adviser Eckerd Drugs' "Personalized Vitamin" Questionnaire Institute of Blended Medicine "Symptom Finder" Chiropractic symptom questionnaire Great Earth's Nutritional Fitness Profile (1990) Health Analyzer (Nature's Sunshine) Hormone Balance Test "How Toxic Are You?" (Isagenics) Infinity Wellness Quiz LifeClick System LifeScript's Personal Healh Profile Liver Health Test (Sandra Cabot, MD) Mannatech Dietary Needs Assessment Neurotoxic Questionnaire "Nutrient. If you encounter a practitioner who uses or abuses any of these tests, you should seek advice elsewhere. Practitioners who do live cell analysis, biological terrain assessment, dental sensitivity testing, and cytotoxic testing in their offices are required to have. Nevertheless, if you encounter a practitioner who does these four tests and is not obviously running a laboratory, please ask your state laboratory department to investigate. The FDA has considerable concern about laboratory-developed tests (LDTs which it defines as tests performed only by the laboratories that develop them. Bolan's Clot Retraction Test Carroll Food Test Circulating IgE and IgG Food-Immune Complexes. Clifford Reactivity Materials Testing (CMRT ) for selecting dental filling materials Cytotoxic testing, also called Metabolic Intolerance Test. ELISA /ACT Functional Intracellular Analysis (FIA formerly called Essential Metabolics Analysis Glucose tolerance test for "hypoglycemia" Health Equations Blood Test Evaluation HealthPrint. Hemobiographic analysis Individualized Optimal Nutrition (ION) Live Blood Cell Analysis (LBA also called Live-cell Analysis, Nutritional Blood Analysis, and Hemaview Lymphocyte sensitivity tests Live and Dried Blood Analysis Mediator Release Test (MRT) Mercury testing for.

Questionable (Nonstandard) Laboratories Federally Sanctioned Laboratories.

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Saliva Tests Biological Terrain Assessment Candida Yeast Test spit test Herbal crystallization analysis Mercury Test Kit NutraScan Salivary hormone tests for menopause and aging (link to another site) Saliva pH testing Secretory Immunoglobulin A, also called secretory IgA or sigA Urine/saliva pH test, also called Reams test, Bio-Energy Metabolic Efficiency Analysis, Biological Immunity Analysis, and Nutri Energy.
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