Theodore Roosevelt: Progressive Crusader

Eleanor Roosevelt Biography : National First

In that interview, Martha's remarkable beauty, charm, and fun-loving nature were laid out in detail. Mittie was terrified for her brothers, Irvine and James, who were both involved in the Civil War on the Confederate side. Roosevelt, Theodore (b New York City, ; d Oyster Bay, Nassau Co, ). Governor and US president. The son of Theodore Roosevelt Sr, a merchant and. The McKinley-Roosevelt ticket won in a landslide, and Roosevelt was sworn in as vice president on Following McKinleys assassination in Buffalo, Roosevelt became president on At 42 he was the youngest president in US history.

From 1889 to 1895 Roosevelt was a US civil service commissioner in Washington, DC. He served as president of the Board of Police Commissioners of New York City from 1895 to 1897, seeking to professionalize and modernize the New York Police Department.

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Roosevelts unprecedented twice-daily press conferences provided him a means to communicate his message. Using tact and compromise he mixed politics and reform and, although unable to accomplish all that he wanted, frequently saw his views prevail.
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