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Worldwide, infection rates are highest in developing nations, particularly in countries in southeast Asia and Africa. When a patient has access to proper medical care, pneumonia is highly treatable and the prognosis for recovery is good. Woman gets rid of asthma and allergies with raw food diet - When Jenni, who worked in a factory in her late teens, was convinced that she was having a heart attack, doctors informed her that she had developed asthma. It may be associated with a case of the flu, sinusitis, congestion, post nasal drip, or pneumonia. Additionally, coughing may be the result of chronic bronchitis, emphysema or COPD. Aside from over-the-counter cough suppressants. The responses are bothersome and adaptive in the short term, but if left untreated, progresses to organic changes in the airways that are debilitating and life thre. The many aspects of asthma - Asthma has reached epidemic proportions with over 22 million people suffering from this condition in the United States. It is also the most chronic condition affecting our children today.

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Dcouvrir le mtier de Reporter-photographe pour votre orientation, quelles formations et quels tablissements choisir pour devenir Reporter-photographe.

Children are particularly susceptible. Pneumonia in Children Worldwide, pneumonia is the leading cause of death in children under age 5. It has long been known that acute respiratory infections, including pneumonia and others, were responsible for a large number of deaths in children throughout the world.

Asthma case study of pneumonia
But a life marked by frequent and unexpected asthma attacks does not have to be the norm, especially if asthma sufferers make a conscious. BPA exposure linked to asthma early on in kids - Early-age exposure to the chemical bisphenol A (BPA a component found in soup and other food can liners, and in some plastics, can.
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