Blackouts and Progress: Privatization, Infrastructure, and a

Neoliberalism - Annual Review of Anthropology, 43(1 89)

An Anthropological Analysis of the Problem of Chronic Diseases Among the Thonga Peoples of Southeast Africa: A Case Study in Applied Anthropology Galvao, Eduardo E. The Religion of an Amazon Community: A Study in Culture Change Halley, Hellen. Northeastern Archaeology and General Trends in the Northern Forest Zone Stout, David Bond. San Blas Cuna Acculturation: An Introduction 1948 Barnouw, Victor. Acculturation and Personality Among the Wisconsin Chippewa Hu Hsien-Chin. An Analysis of the Northwestern Chihuahua Culture Fortune, Reo F. The Social Organization of Dobu Jacobs, Melville Clay. A Sketch of Northern Sahaptin Grammar 1932 De Laguna, Frederica. A Comparison of Eskimo and Paleolithic Art Phelps, Eleanor M. The Ph. D. date is based on fulfillment of departmental requirements and not the deposit date, therefore it may differ slightly from official Columbia University records. 1901 Kroeber, Alfred L. Decorative Symbolism of the Arapaho 1904 Jones, William.

Sullivan, Louis R. The Frequency and Distribution of Some Anatomical Variations in American Crania 1923 Benedict, Ruth F. Concept of the Guardian Spirit in North America 1926 Herskovits, Melville J. The Cattle Complex in East Africa.

Anthropology mains paper 2010
The Political Organization and Law-Ways of the Comanch Indians Keur, Dorothy Louise. Big Bead Mesa: An Archaeological Study of Navaho Acculturation, Mishkin, Bernard. Rank and Warfare Among the Plains Indians Stafford, Cora Elder.
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